photo by David Putzier

upcoming gigs



04/14/2018     Johnny B's, Medford, OR

06/23/2018     Bud Fest, Veneta, OR

06/29/2018     Park Blocks, Eugene, OR

10/27/2018     Coffin Races, Eugene, OR


past gigs

12/30/2017     Sam Bond's Garage, Eugene, OR

12/02/2017     Ninkasi Brewery, Sleigh'r Ball '17, Eugene, OR

09/30/2017     HiFi Music Hall Lounge, Eugene, OR

08/05/2017     Whiteaker Block Party, Ninkasi stage, Eugene, OR

07/22/2017     Ninkasi Brewery, Eugene, OR

05/12/2017     Luckey's Club, Eugene, OR

12/16/2016     Luckey's Club, Eugene, OR

12/03/2016     Ninkasi Brewery, Sleigh'r Ball '16, Eugene, OR

08/27/2016     Sarver Winery, Metal in the Vineyard, Eugene, OR

08/14/2016     Ninkasi Brewery, 10 year anniversary celebration, Eugene, OR

08/06/2016     Whiteaker Block Party, Ninkasi Stage, Eugene, OR

07/30/2016     Shanahan's, Vancouver, WA

06/24/2016     HiFi Music Hall, Eugene, OR

06/15/2016     Old Nick's, Eugene, OR

06/04/2016     Shanahan's, Vancouver, WA

04/09/2016     Ninkasi Brewery, Space Oddity Ball, Eugene, OR

03/18/2016     Luckey's Club, Metal and Lace burlesque, Eugene, OR

12/05/2015     Ninkasi Brewery, Sleigh'r Ball '15, Eugene OR

10/31/2015     The Green Room, Eugene, OR

06/12/2015     Memento Ink. Springfield, OR

05/15/2015     Hi Fi Music Hall, Eugene, OR

04/30/2015     Ninkasi Brewery, Eugene, OR

03/07/2015     Black Forest, Eugene, OR

12/06/2014     Ninkasi Brewery, Sleigh'r Ball '14, Eugene, OR

10/02/2014     Ninkasi Brewery, Eugene, OR

06/21/2014     Lucky Larry's, Albany, OR

06/20/2014     The WOW Hall, Eugene, OR

04/19/2014     The Hawthorne Theater, Portland, OR with Sevendust

03/22/2014     The Hawthorne Theater, Portland, OR

03/14/2014     Goodfella's, Springfield, OR

12/28/2013     The Hawthorne Theater, Portland, OR

12/06/2013     Goodfella's, Springfield, OR

08/02/2013     Luckey's, Eugene, OR

06/26/2013     The Hawthorne Theater, Portland, OR with Machine Head

06/15/2013     Diablo's, Eugene, OR

06/01/2013     Eugene Hilton, Eugene, OR, Oregon Ink Convention

04/20/2013     Goodfella's, Springfield. OR

03/22/2013     Diablo's, Eugene, OR

03/15/2013     Black Forest, Eugene, OR

02/16/2013     Bill's Place, Yakima, WA

02/11/2013     John Henry's, Eugene, OR with Nashville Pussy

01/05/2013     Louie G's, Tacoma, WA

01/04/2013     The Tiger Bar, Portland, OR

12/15/2012     Goodfella's, Springfield, OR

11/10/2012     John Henry's, Eugene, OR

10/27/2012     Black Forest, Eugene, OR